02 April 2009

James Bond

Over the last few days I have had the pleasure to watch the original first 3 James Bond movies from 1963 and 1964
The special effects are sometimes laughable to today's standards but that forced them to involve more reality and risk to get the desired effect. A few such laughable are the obvious fast forward during car chases or prerecorded film in the windows to simulate a live chase from inside the car.
Ignoring these, I find these movies more believable then most made today.
the vehicles are real and the weapons, if not real, are plausible. Fight scenes are the best. This is street fighting, not professional martial artists. It's what you expect to see in real life. People tackling eachother, headlocks, missed punches, using what ever is in the room as a weapon like chairs, bottles etc.
The response to being hit is more real then todays super hero type recoveries. You get hit in the head with a bottle, you get knocked out. You take a couple punches to the head, you get knocked out. You get shot you die. In todays movies, it seems the only way to get killed is to be beheaded or blownup and even then thats only a maybe.
There was more reality in the James Bond films. I hope I get to wath the rest of them soon.
James Bond is not a "super Hero" in the sense of super powers etc. He is an attainable human. He fights hand to hand like any other man, uses everyday weapons or what will one day be. He can be injured. He lives to a standard of integrity and honor. He fights the terrorists of the day and out smarts them and out fights them because he is smarter, faster and better. What ever happened to that?
Todays movies it's all about fantasy and super / unattainable powers. No human could perform in such a way. A child could grow up to be James Bond with education and training and practice. And in these films you learn that being hit or shot hurts and there is a deadly consiquence.
Hmmm... Maybe thats what I like about JB, The bad guy loses and there are always consequence for action. Oh, and Bond always gets the sexy woman.