18 November 2009

Write your local newspaper!

Barack Obama's " Organizing for America " has put the call out for people to email their local papers and write a letter to the editor. They have created a VERY easy and fast way to write all your local papers with just a few key strokes. PLEASE take a minute to do this today and jump behind enemy lines to help kill the bill. Forward this to everyone you know.

Here's what we need to do :

1. Go to: http://my.democrats.org/page/speakout/posthouseLTE

1. Put in your Zip code. You will be redirected to a page where you enter all your address information.

2. Check all the boxes for all of your local papers. But, DO NOT CLICK NEXT or you'll send someone else's message.

3. NOW CAREFUL THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART ! DO NOT CLICK NEXT. Instead Click " 2. Compose Letter " this is in the top middle of the page. This will allow you to compose your own letter to the editor against the healthcare bill.

4. Write your letter to the editor against the healthcare bill.

5. Now click Next

6. Preview your letter to the editor and click Send Email

Source: my.democrats.org