11 August 2009

Maybe my brother is right

The other night my brother asked me a question worth pondering:
"Does it half to be so black and white. That there is two teams? Why can't we all just get along and work together to dig our asses out of this deep hole we are ALL in."

And it got me thinking. What am I pissed off about? Who am I pissed off at? The answer is the elected officials of the United States. They are the ones that started this "them vs us" mentality. They are the ones that push the American people to take sides, and we eat it up! It is no longer about what side you agree with or disagree with. It is now about who will stomp on your values and morals less.
America is great because of our God given rights that government can't take away. But we have a government that is hell bent to do just that.

Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC are pushing thru legislation without knowing what they are agreeing to and refusing to listen to and interact with the people they are elected and paid to represent. We The People! I am angry that our children and our childrens children will be paying for the debt created in just the last 6 months alone. I'm angry that neither party stood up and said this is unconstitutional and illegal. I'm angry that racism in our government is only challenged when a white person commits it. It is intolerable from all people! I'm angry that our President has not defended America in a single speech in other counties but apologizes for our greatness. I am angry that I have to worry that my son will see the fall of America and the rise of communism or European socialism in America like that never seen before.

I'm angry that our national guard is hiring and training for internment camp personnel. I'm angry that I can't trust our government to do what is right for Americans and so many Americans are blind to it. I'm angry it has been like this for years and it is just now that Americans are standing up and getting angry in public, and it might be too late.

Our Democrat and Republican leaders are to blame for this. It is their job to protect our rights and represent us. To enforce the constitution and the Bill of Rights. To protect American land and people against enemies inside and out. To enforce the laws we have, not create so many that we loose our freedoms.

I am angry that the people of America don't realize that it is competition and the human element that drives the success of America. Because we are competitive and capitalism represents the true human drive. There are winners and losers. There are have and have not. There are smart people, dumb people and everything in between. There are people that will only be able to scrub gutters and others that will cure cancer. There are those that are truly in need of assistance and those that are just lazy.

This country was made great despite of political correctness and will be destroyed by it. We make our country strong by helping those truly in need and reprimanding the lazy for taking from them. We make this country great by being the best we can be and living with what we earn and not by demanding that those that worked smarter or harder, to support us or share what they earned. The wealthy have always been envied. They have always had more then the poor and they have always been the creator of jobs and helping others become wealthy.

Our government is becoming or has become what our founding fathers tried to protect us from. Our government has forgotten its place. We the people have forgotten their place. It is time the government remembered who we are and what they are supposed to do. It is time We The People stop blaming each other and started holding the elected official accountable.

If a bill is so complicated a lawyer can't figure it out and interpret it, chances are it is dangerous and needs to be scraped. If our elected officials have created so much chaos in the way the system works, then they need to be eliminated and the system reworked. Return to the simple wording. Make the bill about one thing. Do not reference 50 other documents from different branches of the government to bury the true meaning of the bill. State simply the result desired and the means to get there.

I will continue to be pissed at "the liberal" because that is who I see as supporting huge government and squashing the rights of the people. I do not believe in being politically correct to spare the feelings of a few while the rights of many are stomped. I will not be quiet and watch the people be marched to the gas chamber. I will remain pissed at the republican party for not standing up and demanding the laws of this great nation be respected. I will remain pissed that the people we elected to defend us have only found ways to fatten their wallets at the detriment of We The People! I will be vocal when I see an injustice.

There is a revolution coming. It will be bipartisan. When else in history have you seen so many people join together to confront our politicians about the job they aren't doing? Never before have conservatives stood up to be heard so loudly or in such mass. When politicians pay people to fill the meetings in their support, to make it look like they have more support than opposition, they need to be taken down. when the people are locked out of these discussions because they are "being disruptive" but aren't allowed access in any other way, the politicians need to be taken down. Next election, all of these self righteous, egotistical blowhards need to be unemployed and stripped of their golden benefits and life long salary. They need to be like the rest of us, you get fired and it all goes away. They are us! They were hired by us and need to respect us!

So maybe my brother is right, maybe we all need to get along. The way I see it, we can all get along just fine when all Americans are treated equal and politicians remember we are their boss. Stop the corruption! Stop the self designated royalty! Take back our government together! Enough us vs them mentality and find the actual balance that made this country great.

We need to join together and take back our country. We are Americans. Our ancestors fought for our rights to be a free country. To be free of socialism and communism. To be a capitalist nation. where those that work hard get ahead and those that don't, don't. A country where the government is intended for infrastructure and defense, not welfare and control. We tell the government what to do, not the other way around. They represent us, not themselves.