07 August 2009

The clunker problem

The cash for clunkers program is flawed in so many ways, I can only hit a few at the moment.
We are destroying the opportunity for our young and lower paid citizens to own an affordable vehicle.

When the vehicles are traded in, they are crushed. This removes the low cost used cars available to purchase and sell. It eliminates the used car industry effectively shutting them down, kills the u-pull it style junk yards and adding to our unemployed. Looking for a cheap car to get to and from work or school? Looking for that cheap car as a first car for the kids? Need an older car to teach your kids or yourself how to work on a car? They will soon not exist. Obama is putting a huge wall between the haves and have nots.

Not everyone can afford a car payment and even less should. The way to financial freedom is to live within your means and that includes owning an affordable vehicle for transportation. Crushing our used vehicles is not the answer.

what really happens to those cars? They are "crushed whole and shipped to china for recycling". You betcha! It has been reported in Europe that many of the cars are being resold in Africa. But even if they are crushed and recycled, it isn't happening in the United States. We are shipping them to a country with the worst environmental controls, to melt them down and resell them to us in other forms.

Why aren't the vehicles being stripped of usable parts and separated out into differing recyclable parts? Why are we allowing a country with horrible environmental controls do anything? It has been proven the air pollution from china flows over the ocean and into the central United states and contributes to the air quality damage. America can and will recycle safely and be less environmental damaging. It would also create jobs in America. This could be a win for American, but instead it is a loss in every aspect.

Americans will see a huge amount of these new cars purchased under this program be repossessed. More Americans will have damaged credit an increased feeling of failure. That will lead to a bigger dependency on government and that's what it is all about.
If you are forced out of your cars and on to public transportation, the government will control when and where you go. Think about it. They are already pushing for tracking devices in our cars for tax reasons. The Gov now owns OnStar. You think they wanted GM? They wanted OnStar and its access. Now they have it.

05 August 2009

Mexican oil

I finally understand why the state and fed are so opposed to blocking illegal Mexicans and why they are blocking making English the official language. Mexico and Venezuela supply the most oil to the United States and our elected officials don't want to risk slowing it down.

Total Imports of Petroleum (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country May-09 Apr-09 YTD 2009 May-08 YTD 2008