18 July 2009

This is pretty good. I would like to see it done more professionaly but eh, it gets to the point pretty well.

16 July 2009


On June 29th I crashed my bike. Took a round-a-bout to fast and didn't anticipate the line right and hit the curb. I was lucky enough to land on the grass between the street and the sidewalk and only did minimal damage to myself and the bike. When the wheel hit the curb I went over the bars and the back of the bike followed.
First the bike: Miss aligned bars, forks twisted, headlight bucket broken and some missing paint.
Me: scraped the side of my helmet slightly and landed on my back right side. Managed to only bruise and dislocate several ribs and broke the toe on my left foot. My guess is I kicked the wheel as it came to an abrupt stop
God was just giving me a reminder that day. Here I am a few weeks later feeling much better. The toe aches a little and only truly hurts when I put too much pressure on it. It is broken in 3 places on the top knuckle. The ribs and muscles attached to them are still pretty messed up but as the bruising subsides everything gets better. I should be up to working on the bike in the next week or so and should be riding again immediately after. Just hope it's not too expensive for some replacement parts.

Obamageddon is Coming!