04 December 2010

Dutch Brothers coffee

I love Dutch Brothers coffee stands. There are 2 in my town and they have great staff, great service and great coffee every single time I go there. I go there way too often.
This time of year you start seeing window painting on businesses. You see winter scenes, "holiday" decor. The DB I frequent also has window painting. It's Rudolf the red nosed reindeer with the word balloon saying "Happy Holidays!". I have issue with this. Rudolf is a Christmas character. If you are going to use Christmas characters, then say Merry Christmas!
This is kinda a thing with me. And I'm not silent about it. I tip more when someone says Merry Christmas. I go out of my way to say Merry Christmas when someone says happy holidays. So I wrote an email to the the DB headquarters via their website. I got the greatest response ever!

Thank you for your kind feedback. I am in complete agreement regarding Christmas! Happy Holidays just doesn't do it for me :)

I will pass your comment onto the owner of the Newberg location. He will love to hear it!

Merry Christmas,

I will continue to frequent DB and support them as much as they support our community.They made a mistake with the window, I hope they correct it. You can bet I will remind them often.

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BaseLine Right said...

I also prefer to see "Christmas" used, but it doesn't traumatize me if "Holidays" is used. I have known a number of Christians that don't even recognize Christmas, no tree, no gifts, etc. because they claim it is a pagan holiday (they are right actually).

What I believe is more important is not displaying a word, but in practicing the actions.

So do you believe DB wanted to contact the "offending" coffee shop for the purpose of putting Christ back into Christmas - OR (more likely) did he do so to appease you and keep you as a loyal customer?

I will continue to frequent DB and support them