10 February 2013

Reebok Crosswalk has a near fatal flaw

If you have the Reebok Crosswalk and are aggravated by the excessively loud beeping, there is a fix! Found this with a web search. Yes, plagiarism, actually, this guys a genius.

"First, you have to have the treadmill plugged in. While holding down the Stop button, insert the key into the console and then release the Stop button. Now the lower display screen should display the following: upper left corner will show the number of hours that the treadmill has been operated, the lower right corner of the display will show the total number of miles (or kilometers) that the walking belt has moved, an "E" for English miles or an "M" for metric kilometers will appear in the upper right corner of the display. The lower left corner of the display will show the volume level. To change the volume level, press the incline increase button. Now just remove the key from the console to exit information mode! I hope that helps!"

It helps! Problem solved.

I have called Reebok customer service, they have told me there is no way to reduce the volume. Really? Well, there is a cure, and I no longer have to lock up the dog when I use the treadmill.  

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